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The submission system will be available again from August 4th, 2020. More details will be announced soon.

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Meet the Keynote speakers

What about if someone tell you that it is possible to bring together the world’s top 5 experts on Foot & Ankle Biomechanics in a single place?

That will be real in i-FAB 2021! You will meet Toni Arndt, Cesar de Cesar Netto, Irene Davis, Michael Rainbow and Madhusudhan Venkadesan and many others specialists on Footwear, Orthotics, Sports, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Clinical Biomechanics, Foot and Ankle Modeling, Orthopedics and Surgery.

Meet the confirmed speakers.

Dr. Armstrong: “Saving the Diabetic Foot During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Tale of Two Cities”

Certainly, when we talk about Diabetic Foot it’s consensus that Dr. David Armstrong is one the most important name on that subject in the world! And you will have the opportunity to meet him in i-FAB 2021, from April 11 to 14, in São Paulo-Brazil!

In the video below, Dr. Armstrong introduces the study called “Saving the Diabetic Foot During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Tale of Two Cities”. In this review, the approaches from two centers, Manchester (UK) and Los Angeles (CA), with a major interest in diabetic foot problems are compared and contrasted.

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