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Submission system is closed.

IMPORTANT: Papers will be submitted solely through the SYSTEM until October 30th, 2020. Papers sent by email will NOT be accepted. The abstract must be attached to the system and linked with the author’s registration.

Summary information

  • Deadline for submission of papers: October 30th, 2020
  • Number of characters in the abstract: 400 words (1 page)
  • Number of papers as lead author: unlimited
  • Number of papers a co-author: unlimited
  • Presentation formats: oral and poster
  • Topics: introduction, methods, results, discussion, relevance and references
  • Language: the English language is mandatory

Note: files containing the scientific papers, in WORD format, must contain 1 page, including summary with the relevant topics, images and tables/graphs.


  • Footwear/ Orthotics
  • Sports
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Biomechanics
  • Biomechanics (modeling and simulation included)
  • Diabetic foot 
  • Weight Bearing CT
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Imaging


Papers representing any form of commercial promotion of any company, product or brand, or non-complying with the criteria established in these rules will  not be accepted.

Authors will be able to make changes to submitted abstracts up to the submission deadline, after the deadline, no modification will be allowed either to the content or to the authors list.

Papers will be submitted solely through the SYSTEM until October 30th, 2020. Papers sent by email will NOT be accepted. The abstract must be attached to the system.

Papers must include results already obtained, even if preliminary.

The author responsible for the submission must complete all fields in the on-line form. All communications with regard to the summary will be sent only to the registered email of this author. The author responsible for the submission will be responsible for forwarding information to co-authors;

Information on  authors and institutions full names is required. This information should not be included in the title.

The author responsible for the submission will:
a) Complete the submission form fully and correctly;
b) Select the presentation mode (Oral or poster);
c) select the topic closer to the theme of his papers from the list provided on the website.
Note: During the process of evaluation the Scientific Committee will be entitled to change the selected mode of presentation switching between the two formats;
d) Include full and correct names of the authors, email, in case for foreigners, and CPF for Brazilians and Institutions;
e) Name the speaker (one of the authors) selected to present the abstract at the congress;
f) Keep in contact with Congress Organization whenever requested to do so;

Abstracts may contain up to 400 words in a Word file. Tables and images are allowed, and must be presented at the end of the above-mention Word file.

Document formatting rules:

  • Page format:  21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
  • Margins:  upper and lower margins 1.91 cm; left and right 1.91 cm. 
  • Files must be saved in WORD format.

Topicsintroduction, methods, results, discussion, relevance and references.

Papers will be evaluated by the Technical-Scientific Commission of experts in the filed of knowledge of the paper to be presented at the Congress.

All papers that fully meet the submission rules will be sent for anonymous review by experts who will not be aware of authors’ name or institutional affiliation.

The decision of the Free Subject Commission is final and unappealable.

For further clarification or additional information, please, contact us by e-mail or by phone +55 11 3515-8672 | +55 11 94057-2421.