SPECIAL SESSION 1 - Diabetic Foot Biomechanics

Foot ulcers are one of the main lower-extremity complications of diabetes mellitus. Diabetic neuropathy changes the structure of the foot, affecting its function and, consequently, resulting in increased plantar pressures. These pressures are a predictive risk factor for the development of diabetic foot ulcers. Therefore, it is important to implement strategies to protect the foot from abnormal biomechanical loading. This special session will address the biomechanical aspects of the diabetic foot complications, advances in biomechanical assessments and new approaches to the prevention and treatment of foot complications in patients with diabetes mellitus.

2:40-3:00pmSurgical offloading and biomechanical wearables
David G. Armstrong
3:05-3:12pmThe diabetic foot prevention: how model-based assessment of plantar tissues internal stresses can inform clinical practice
Annamaria Guiotto, Zimi Sawacha
3:12-3:19pmPeripheral Neuropathy, Claw Toes, Intrinsic Muscle Volume, and Plantar Aponeurosis Thickness in Diabetic Feet
Tadashi Kimura, Eric D. Thorhauer, Matthew W. Kindig, Bruce J. Sangeorzan, William R. Ledoux
3:19-3:26pmDifferences in mechanical skin properties as a compensatory mechanism of sensory impairment in Diabetes patients?
Tina J. Drechsel, Claudio Zippenfennig, Renan L. Monteiro, Isabel C. N. Sacco, Thomas L. Milani
3:26-3:33pmHeel rise task identifies midfoot function during walking in diabetes
Hyo-Jung Jeong, Michael J. Mueller, Jennifer A. Zellers, Yan Yan, Mary K. Hastings
3:33-3:40pmClinical relevance of the plantar anatomical masking for plantar loading analysis in Diabetic Foot
Erica Silva, Renan Monteiro, Danilo Santos, Jane Ferreira, Isabel Sacco, Claudia Giacomozzi
3:40-3:47pmBiomechanics of midfoot Charcot neuroarthropathy in people with diabetes
Nichola Renwick, Esther Smith, Jim Woodburn, Kenneth Meijer, Roslyn Miller, James Harper
3:47-4:05pmQ&A (all presentations)
4:05-4:20pmState of the art in footwear biomechanics in diabetic foot disease
Sicco Bus