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Symposium on Motor Control in Biomechanics - ISB Technical Group in Motor Control

Date: TBA

Eneida Yuri Suda

Eneida Yuri Suda has a BSc (2000) in Physical Therapy  with a MSc (2006) and PhD degrees (2017) in Sciences from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with a one-year internship at Aalborg University, Denmark (2015-16). She is currently a full-time post-doctoral fellow at Laboratory of Biomechanics of Movement and Human Posture from University of São Paulo, Brazil. She has been working with research in Biomechanics since 2003, and her main research areas of interest are biomechanical analysis of the human movement and detection, processing and interpretation of surface EMG, motor control, foot-ankle biomechanics, biomechanics and rehabilitation of diabetic patients.