SPECIAL SESSION 2 - Weight-Bearing CT

The foot and ankle are subject to a highly complex mechanical demand during daily living and sports activities: any biomechanical analysis shall therefore imply weight-bearing anatomical data. Recently, Weight-Bearing low dose Cone Beam Computed Tomography has enabled to obtain 3D representations and models of the foot and ankle under physiological load in daily clinical use as well as in the lab. This is a fundamental innovation which will strengthen clinical and biomechanical analyses. This special session will discuss techniques and applications of this new technology, both in research fields and clinical settings, for diagnosis, and for planning and assessment of treatments of foot and ankle disorders. 

10:55-11:15amTechnical and Clinical aspects of WBCT based scans and analyses
Francois Lintz and Alberto Leardini
11:20-11:27amNew 3D angular measurements of foot bones in weight-bearing: the technique and preliminary clinical cases
Claudio Belvedere, Paolo Caravaggi
11:27-11:34am3D joint space width from weight bearing CT detects progressive narrowing after tibial pilon fractures
Erin McFadden, Michael Ho, Kevin Dibbern, Michael Willey, Julie Agel, Conor Kleweno, Justin Haller, Thomas Higgins, J. Lawrence Marsh, Donald D. Anderson
11:34-11:41amAnkle joint weightbearing CT three-dimensional distance maps of adult-acquired flatfoot deformity: a retrospective case-control study
Victoria Vivtcharenko, Kevin Dibbern, Shuyuan Li, Elijah Auch, Eli Schmidt, John Femino, Cesar de Cesar Netto
11:41-11:48amHigh Resolution 3D Weight Bearing Imaging of Foot & Ankle: Implications for Near Term and Long-Term
Shadpour Demehri
11:48-11:55amIn vivo changes in distal interosseous tibiofibular ligament elongation under static loads and during dynamic activities after syndesmosis repair
Stephen Canton, William Anderst, MaCalus Hogan, Tom Gale, Chukwudi Onyeukwu
11:55am-12:02pmWBCT and Achilles tendinopathy and the continued search for pain mechanisms
Ruth Chimenti, Kevin N Dibbern, Nacime S Barbachan Mansur, Cesar de Cesar Netto
12:02-12:09pmThe rotational positioning of the bones in the medial column of the foot: a weightbearing CT analysis
Eli Schmidt, Thiago Alexandre Silva, Shuyuan Li, Elijah Auch, Victoria Vivtcharenko, Nacime Mansur, Cesar de Cesar Netto
12:09-12:16pmHow important is WBCT in hallux decision
Cristian Ortiz 
12:16-12:40pmQ&A (all presentations)